28 Mac 2010


This time I want to try writing using completely English. Yesterday like previous semester, my classmate will have a BBQ. But yesterday kind different then before because this time we do it at TUPAH!. Although food not enough for all, but, for me as long as they say ok, then ok for me too. I satisfied with that. Not all of them involve because some of them have some matter to solve at home.

We swim, and some of them cookout. Some of the boys do flip and back flip. 1 of them do it perfectly. Lisa always screamed when I make prevent face at her. Hahaha… For me, I kind of enjoy that day. But I know some of girl not really enjoy because of the arrangement a bit messy. But they keep smiling. Sorry girl. First time do it outdoor. ;P

The boys almost eat “mumu”. Luckily the owner keeps watching the sugar glider. Cia already hold a stick to put in “mumu” mouth. We’re almost there.

1 more thing I like about my classmate. Of course girl, because boys already under one roof with me. My classmate (girls), they always said yes. No complaint. Didn’t take seriously when boys joking overboard. They also cute and have good manner than other student here. Some of them are very clumsy. There many things to said. But that is some compliments for them.

I think I must give some compliment to the boys to. The boys are very good looking. Have very nice attitude. Smart. All of them are charming. Now I feel safe.

Damn.. Feels like writing an essay for UPSR paper. I really need to improve my English as soon as possible or I’m dead T_T

5 ulasan:

  1. wow!!! gud job paman! hehehe.
    nak makan mumu? sila berangan yeah, kawan-kawan!!
    harap maklum!!

    ohhh! tengs for ur compliment encik danial :)

  2. yes yes!!
    our class is completely fun!!
    full of laugh!!
    full of jokes!!

  3. miko: macam tu baik ko belanje kami makan sebelom kami makan mumu..

    syfrd: kenape ko sedih setan?

    dOdE: yep yep.. kelas lain takde ;P

    ha... tolong ajar aku english... nak muet dah..

  4. suro nabelah weh..
    die pndai...

    syed tu pon power jew english